Thursday, July 15, 2010

My e-Portfolio

About Me..........

Now... I am as a student of MIDT (Master of Instructional Design and Technology) of Open Universiti Malaysia ...with online learning. The online system use MyLMS and some BLOGs, videos, and other ICT support tools.

My Center is SEAMOLEC (SEAMEO SEAMOLEC: Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Open Learinng Centre) located in South Jakarta, Indonesia. As the Centre of Regional Open Learning Center, we are working for the Capacity Building of Open and Distance Learning System for Schools, Universities and institutions.

I got SEAMOLEC awards for the best staff on year 2006 and SEAMEO Award at the same time (by Minister of Education of Singapore as the SEAMEO Council President in Singapore).

The e-portfolio will describe my works as the MIDT student:

1. As a Task Force for HYLITE (Hybrid Learning for Indonesian Teachers) Program. The program is under the Directorate General of Higher Education and the World Bank.
  • To facilitate the development of instructional materials (modules) and the supplement
  • To maintain the HYLITE web (BLOG)
  • To facilitate ICT-based training for lecturers of HYLITE program
2. My project on the Practicum of Instructional Design and Technology

3. My Centre (SEAMOLEC) programs on national/international training and seminar. The last on going program is Seamless Vocational Oriented Education, as the coordinator for North Sumatra province.

My Professor of
the e-Portfolio development course is Tengku Putri Norisha Shariman.
Many thanks Prof....

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